An Introduction to TroyRx

Exciting things are happening at TroyRx! We want to share the news with you and provide some background to who we are. Take a dive into this Q&A and to learn all about our company, our products, and how we strive to most efficiently serve hospital and healthcare facility needs while improving patient outcomes.

A colorful, TROY Group branded blue graphic that reads "TroyRx: Revolutionizing the Rx Experience." TroyRx is a prescription solutions provider offering up to 80% off prescription costs using its prescription discount card program.

What is TroyRx?
TroyRx is a software solution company revolutionizing the prescription experience for prescribers and their patients.

How are you revolutionizing the prescription experience?
Prescribers and patients are at the center of our mission and the inspiration for our prescription innovations. Our solutions maximize interoperability and improve healthcare by driving digital transformation, medication adherence, and compliance.

What are your solutions?
SecureRx adds CMS-compliant tamper-resistant security to printed prescriptions.

Why should we choose TroyRx’s solutions?
Hospitals and healthcare facilities use TroyRx products to enhance the discharge process and positively impact patient outcomes. We also count the leading EHRs as partners, with seamless integrations into the clinical workflows of hundreds of health systems and hospitals.

When did you become an industry leader in Rx solutions?
Since 2008, we have been serving the nation's leading health systems, hospitals, and provider networks. Our solutions empower more than 700 hospitals, 5,000 facilities, and 150,000 physicians and create the optimal prescription experience for patients.

This quick Q&A only scratches the surface. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to individual members of the TroyRx team who are laser-focused on positively impacting patient care and improving the discharge process. Continue to check back here and look out for stories, articles, and thought leader pieces. Plus, follow our social channels so you don’t miss out!